How to Reach

A lot of companies have great difficulties trying to reach an appropriate search firm via the internet for call center recruiters.

Some try the very broad-based approach of keying in the generic following:

Staffing agencies.
Staffing companies
Staff employment agencies
Executive job search firm
Executive jobs search
Executive search agencies
Executive search specialists
Recruitment employment agencies
Recruitment consultants
Headhunters- a much maligned industry term

However, this approach would be considered the shot-gun approach as it doesn’t delineate those search firms that specialize in call center/contact center recruiting services. A lot of generalist search firms might say that they work in the call center/contact center space, but most simply do not have the appropriate depth, experience, investment or commitment to these areas.

We at Richard L. Bencin & Associates can be targeted by rifle as to exactly what we do – call center management recruiters and/or contact center management recruiters. Too, because we also work in the very related area of direct marketing, we are direct marketing recruiters.

Overall, Richard L. Bencin & Associates has over 30 years (since 1981) of call center recruitment experience.