Search Process

Overview of the search process employed by Bencin & Associates, LLC:

  1. Develop the parameters of the position with the client so that we have a well-defined target to hit.
  2. Design a unique “Background Profile”that serves as a road map for the position during our search will be part of the eventual transmittal to the client.
  3. Internal research work utilizing all available resources including our data base and numerous networkss to identify contacts.
  4. Begin the networking process by reaching out to the contacts to identify candidate targets while also looking for referrals in order to develop a pipeline.
  5. Conduct an initial discussion with the potential candidate to cover basics and determine a fit.
  6. We then move to a detailed interview with the candidate using the Background Profile as our guide.
  7. At this point, we will forward information on the qualified candidate to the client including a completed Background Profile and Resume.
  8. Candidate then enters into the client’s internal interview process with our assistance as requested.
  9. Continue to review submitted candidates with the client looking for feedback in order to refine the target if necessary. We are available to assist with the offer preparation, negotiation and/or any other matter to help finalizing the process.